OKAY GUYS I KNOW IT’S BEEN A WHILE but I still love this pairing with all my heart and I am on my holiday break so if any of you lovely people have any requests NOW IS THE TIME TO SEND THEM HERE 

Have a happy new year everyone!

A younger Zack and Light, a duo of rebellious runaways from conscription, enjoying some peaceful alone time amidst the chaos they brought in their lives. (Kayla make a fic out of this hehe)








blue girl who says shucks buster and pink girl who says whore bible

pink-loving shrimp who wanders around countries with a tiny feral panda that bites people and a giant tin can with no human body and cats hidden in his armor

gays in space (with time travel)

two lawyers who cheated on their wives with each other

a metrosexual magician weirdo with a head made of flowers and a soulless technician weirdo with a monitor head alter ego

A klutzy French waitress who is going to college to study crazy people and either one of her professors who happens to be a Italian-American guido or her childhood friend who is a punk and a manslut.

A high school boy with an intense desire for a certain kind of animal cracker and his crush, who talks somewhat sophisticated

a transfer student with a bowlcut and his nurse-loving best friend whose father is ruining the local shopping district

oops I forgot I’m dead in canon and we’re actually from two different games my bad


one of my favourite ship combos is when you have one really grumpy/cranky character or someone deathly serious who never smiles and a really happy/bubbly/energetic character that drags them everywhere and the first character looks really unamused but the happy character’s having the time of their life and then the happy character smooches the grumpy character and the grumpy character just gives this soft little smile and AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA